Passionate about food and local harvesting,  Anick is endlessly amazed at the bounty of the orchard.   Her mission is to innovate with this harvest and offer products that retain the organic flavours of the fruits or vegetables being grown with little interference and preservatives.  She strives to have people discover the organic and refined aspects of food.

Anick, an upholsterer by trade,  is inspired by design which is translated in the concepts and developments of the orchards products.  The  marketing and packaging  aspects of  the business feed her creative side.

Her wishes for the orchard include it being a place for people to come together, share in their knowledge of agriculture and love of food.  The cultural and community events at Le Verger hope to inspire and promote local farming.


Passionate about apple growing since he was a child, the orchard is his dream come true.  Cabinetmaker by trade, he set about planting the apple orchard slowly,  step by step on his terms and  without compromise.  He applied the basics from his degree in biology and there began his vision of Organic Farming for the orchard.  Eric oversees all aspects of the orchard: soil health, planting, treatments, pruning and harvesting.  His thirst for knowledge and his determination contribute to experimenting with up and coming apple varieties.

Recently an avid bee keeper,  Eric is proud of his hives which represent the auto-sufficiency of a healthy ecosystem.  His personal utopia.


The apple is one the most chemically sprayed fruits harvested in Québec.  As apple growers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to do differently.  By planting the orchard from scratch we were able to control all aspects of its development, from enriching the soil to treatments used on the fruit. 

We practice organic farming.  This process of production involves working while respecting nature and achieving a balanced ecosystem.   Feeding the soil with natural elements instead of feeding the trees with chemical fertilizers.  

Increasing the beneficial insect population instead of destroying enemy insects with chemical pesticides.  The ultimate goal is to harvest healthy fruit with the freshness and good taste that nature intended it to have.